About Pilates: Over the years Pilates' popularity has continued to grow and evolve with many people from all walks of life, young and old experiencing the benefits of attending regular classes. Core Pilates classes offer a blend of the original 34 Pilates exercises alongside functional training relevant to your day to day activities. This results in a more flexible, strong and co-ordinated body. Pilates is a body conditioning method that consists of slow, flowing, precise movement, promoting correct breathing patterns whilst performing the  exercises. Weights, Mini Balls, Resistance Bands and Pilates Circles are used to add challenge, increasing strength and flexibility, aiding correct postural alignment. This will improve your body awareness and general day to day body movement. About Body Conditioning: If you are looking for a class that includes a cardio workout alongside training in order to tone up and shape up, this is for you. Combining aerobic choreography, functional and core training. Using free weights and your body’s own resistance to add intensity & challenge. Combine Pilates with Body Conditioning for a fat burning, strengthening and uplifting exercise experience.
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